iMAGO Editon Airless/Becherpistole

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iMAGO Edition – Gun cleaning device

Select your desired equipment:

Do you need a washroom for water-based paint cleaners and a washroom for solvent-based cleaners?

  • This washer has two separate washrooms. Select your need:
  • Cup gun/Cup gun or
  • Cup gun/AirCoat gun

for autom. cleaning for cup guns or AirCoat guns respectively
two spacious, separate washrooms
powerful suction as well as blow-off and blow-off gun
for solvents and/or H²O cleaners
all cleaning-relevant housing parts made of stainless steel
each chamber right and left equipped with: Clear rinse, fresh rinse nozzle, autom. timer and cleaning with flow-through brush.

Technical data:

Dimensions: (W x L x H) 900 x 630 x 1010 mm

compact equipment incl. substructure

Operating instructions